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INTERFACE SOFTWARE SERVICES is going to provide following SOFT SKILLS PROGRAM to enhance your maturity, ethics and business acumen in all transactions. It’s all about how you need to groom yourself professionally in order to enter into the corporate world. This program of 25 days will help you in not only cracking the interviews but also in your personality development.

Soft Skill Training, Spoken English training in bhubaneswar odisha


1. Broadens Your Horizons by Allowing You to Engage In Group Dialogue
2. Soft skills help advance your career
3. Elevate Your Self-Esteem
4. Creative Thinking
5. Communicate Across All Levels Of Your Organization By Enhancing Your Communication.
6. Negotiation Skills.
7. Improve Leadership Skills to Improve Teamwork, Creativity, Efficiency & Productivity
8. Improvement of Time Management, Organizational Skills & Goal Setting
9. Development of Presentation Skills to Enhance Sales, Project Explanations, Self-Confidence, Relationship Development
10. Brain Storming & Problem Solving Strategies to Increase Creativity and Collaborative Outcomes
11. Ability to Recognize Stress Symptoms & Develop Stress Deflecting Strategies
12. Personality Development
13. Ability to Communicate Effectively With Co-Workers, Employers, Clients and Customers, Friends and Family Members: Relationship Enhancement
14. Overall Personality Development
15. Allow You to Openly Express Yourselves

Interface Software Services is a leading provider in IT Training and Development services in Odisha.

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